Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome Home Elder Sharpe

I know this is cliche but has it really been 2 years? Yea,
that's what I was telling myself as I frantically packed
and got ready to begin the long 2 day trip to welcome
home my little brother Austin from his 2 years in the
California, Bakersfield Mission. So Tuesday afternoon,
after our pretrip preperations and waiting for Ty to get
off work we settled in for the comfy 9 hour drive to
Spanish Fork, UT. Amazingly we made it their without
complications, car sick kids, or any horrible stories to tell.
Which is a good thing because after the 9 hours of driving, we
got to my sisters at 2 am, dropped Ty and the kids off
and jumped right back in the car and headed to
the American Fork Hospital where my sister happened
to be going into labor. 15 minutes after making it into
her room she gave birth to sweet little Whitney Lynn
Caldwell. Talk about good timing, I haven't been
around for any of my sisters deliveries and to be there
for her last one was really special! The next morning
we hung out, helped my sis with her kids and then
drove the remaining3 1/2 hours to Star Valley, WY.
We got their, did a little unpacking, dropped off our
kids at my Aunts (thanks April) and jumped in the
truck on our way to the Jackson Hole Airport. If
little Austy had any hopes of returning to a changed,
fully punctual family his hopes were crushed as he
got off the plane to find an empty waiting area,
except for the occasional husband or pregnant wife that
happened to make it there ontime. But much to his
shegrin (and a lot like Lloyd Christmas) my mother
came sprinting through the airport to welcome him home.
We spent the rest of the week catching up, playing
games (I hate Green Thumb) and trying not to think
about how soon we would have to head back home.
All in all it was a great week, especially when you
forget that it snowed 3 out of the 5 days we were
there. Were proud of you Elder Sharpe! Welcome home!

(Here are some pics from our time there)

Our horse whisperer spending working on her trade...look close and you can see her
Me, Grandpa and Grace on the first ride of the ......SPRING?????
Crew enjoying his Dairy Queen Main Street Afton doing a little shopping
Ok, she's not a horse whisperer, she's an animal whisperer. Torture is just part of the art form.

The amazing 10 second Easter Egg hunt. How 1,000 eggs dissapear in 10 seconds I'll never understand

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