Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anthem Softball League Champions!

One of the reasons we love Anthem is because of everything it offers.
One of the reasons Tyler loves it is because of its Softball Leagues.
So, it was no surprise after moving to Anthem that he decided to try
and put together a team and join the league. He has wanted to play
competitive softball since college but hasn't had the time or had the
opportunity to join a team. So for the last year it's been his "guys
night" and he's been like a kid every Tuesday night going out and
playing. For those of you that know him well you know what I'm talking
about, he can get a little anxious and excited about the funniest things.
Well after a few seasons, new matching jersey's, some team bats and
a lot of good times, Sky High Energy can call themselves the champs.
It's been great watching him play and Crew is already completely
obsessed with "ballball". The kids love going to his games and watching
dad. The group of guys he plays with and their wives are seriously
awesome. I'm glad he's able to do something he enjoys and with such
great company. Congrats guys, here's to next season!