Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Little Update


The last week of March we were lucky enough to have my parents
come out and visit us in AZ for a full week. They loaded up the truck
and drove all the way from Star Valley, Wy with Bailey, the monster
truck (what Grace calls a 4 wheeler), a dirt bike, roller blades, a sewing
machine, Bill's dog Tanner and a soon to be pawned off, adorable black
puppy named Ashes. Here are some pics from their week here..............

My dad meet a friend out at the Canyons Motocross Track and
competed in a Grand Prix race. It was a combination of motocross
track and desert trail. We had a blast watching him and he did
awesome taking first place in his division. Who cares that the only
other racer in his division was 70, had training wheels on his bike
and had to stop 3 times during the race to use the bathroom!
He still won! : )

We also had time to catch a spring training game. It was a great day
to sit in the sun, watch a little baseball and let the kids run around the
grass behind left field.
Bailey celebrated her birthday with us while she was here too. I'm
so happy we got to see you turn 11 and celebrate your big day Bailey,
you are growing up so fast. JK, Happy Thirteenth.

And this is the little furry creature my parents brought down. They had
every intention of this being a one way trip for this gal. She is super
cute, really smart and of course now a part of our family. Grace and
Crew are loving their new little friend.
And since my husband didn't make the blog, here's a pic for him! : )

Crew's Birthday Party

Our little man has grown up so fast. On the 27th of March he turned 1 and we had friends and family over for a great birthday party that included great food, a bounce house and a really big cupcake! It really is scary how fast time seems to be flying by. Here are some pictures from the party and a few pics of Crew growing up.

Crew's First Year