Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wyoming Snow, Returned Missionary and Family Fun

So this is a little late but on the 14th of December we got back from our trip to Star Valley, Wyoming for my brothers return from his mission. It was so fun to see my family and spend the whole week and a half with them. I can't believe my little bro is already home after two years, it doesn't seem possible. We went up to Jackson hole and meet him at the airport with a bunch of our family and friends. The rest of the week we spent time eating out, talking and playing games and playing in the snow. The boy's had their fun snowmobiling, the girls loved their nap time together and Grace had tons of fun with her cousins, granparents and all the farm animals. She is in love with horses and wanted to go with "pa" everytime he fed them. It was such a good time, I'm so grateful to have such a fun and loving family and to have safely seen my brother come home!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Little Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving was our first one together at our house. We have always gone to either Ty's parents or mine. But this upcoming weekend we are heading to Wyoming because my brother's coming home from his mission in Macon, GA. Since we will be up there in a week we decided to stay here and have our own little Thanksgiving. Tyler went and played in a Turkey bowl that morning and came back uninjured(luckily), feeling his age, and sad he doesn't have 4.4 forty speed anymore (which he never had). Instead of cooking a huge meal for two and dealing with all the mess and hassle, we decided we would try the unconventional eating out method for Thanksgiving dinner. It actually was great and we had a wonderful meal. That night we took Grace to the movie theater and watched Bolt. While Grace was slightly more interested in yelling hi at everyone and climbing up and down the theater stairs and playing with all the trim lights, she watched about half of the movie and we had alot of fun. Itwas a fun night and a great end to our first "solo" Thanksgiving.