Friday, May 30, 2008

So you think you can Dance!

Honey Baby

Golf at Grayhawk

Justin, Spencer and I all played golf here on
May 27th. This is where they hold the Fry's Open
a PGA Tour event every year. It was awesome!

Our Funny little girl!

I either hate swings or I'm pooping. You decide!

Gracie's first watermelon, no she didn't eat the
whole thing.

Grace love's the movie Over the Hedge. One
morning she layed there on here makeshift bed
that dad made for her and watched about 30
minutes without moving.

First, we did not put her in the kennel, she crawls
in there all the time. She loves it. We just opened
top so she could pop her head out and Ralph did
the same thing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Big Loud Monster!!

The other night I went to vacuum the living room and found out Grace is scared of this big loud grey thing. As soon as I would turn it on she would run as fast as she could and hide behind the couch or run to her mommy! After two or three times of playing that game she decided that it wasn't scary anymore and she loved it. She's a funny kid.

Not so bad

Saturday in Scottsdale

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back Together for Good

For some reason Gracie kept trying to put Ashley's
tank top over her head but couldn't quite get it on.
So I helped her out and she ran around all night
in this little number. It was quite hilarious.

This is Ralphie with his new hair cut. We decided
to give him a Schnauzer type cut for the hot summer.

The Trip Back Home

Well, I have to get something off my chest. Tyler is always telling me that he doesn't think we're going to be able to fit all our stuff into the cars when we go on trips and once again he was telling me this for our trip back home from Cedar. I usually just tell him to quit it and that we'll have plenty of room. This could be a really long story but I'll just tell you that on this one I was maybe, possibly, if you look at it the right way, wrong! Ok, I was way wrong. We were stuffed to the hilt, and that's after taking things apart and stuffing them in all the nooks and cranny's. Grace loved the ride home in her little cave though and we both laughed looking at how cute she looked packed in like a sardine.

Sense we've been living apart we have made the drive back and forth from Cedar to Scottsdale more times than we can count. This time we finally stopped along to way to see all the cool places like Lee's Ferry and Cliff Dwellers.


For those who don't know Tyler and I have been living apart. After moving to Scottsdale we decided to send me and Grace back to Cedar City to finish my Nursing degree at SUU. It took alot of praying and planning but we feel it was the best option for our family. And now, to say the least we are extremely happy to be back together full time. The past 7 months were tough but really flew by and we are soo happy to both be done with school.