Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We just wanted to post these really quick. We took Grace to Kiddie Kandids and got her pictures done last week. She was alot of fun and did really well. Here are some of our favorites.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Barbeque and the Duck Pond

This weekend we went to Spencer (Ty's brother) and his wife Carly's house over in Glendale for a great little barbeque. Dj and Megan Meis came over with their kids and we all had a lot of fun just hanging out with great food and company. After eating we walked down the street to a little pond so the kids could feed the ducks. Grace loved it but didn't like that they would run away from her. Ty snapped a couple cute pictures of Grace and the "quack quacks" and one of her and her little buddy Trey Trey!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A week in Review!

So this last week has been a really fun and busy one. Since we didn't post anything I thought I'd do a week in review. Here we go.

MONDAY the 27th was my 24th Birthday, we had our good friend Kevin stay home with Grace and we went to dinner at an underground restaurant called The Salt Cellar, a delicious steak and seafood place. Oh my goodness, it was the best steak and seafood I have EVER had! YUM! Thanks babe for a great time and some great food!

I got some really nice things from my family as well. My sister sent me some absolutely beautiful flowers!!!! They were perfect fall colors and I LOVED them I was sad to see them start to die :(
Thanks Lore for the flowers your the best older sister I could ever have! Your always so thoughtful of others and I appreciate everything you do for us! I wish we could be closer so we could spend more time together!
My cute mom sent me some money so I could get a few things that I wanted and she sent a package too! Thanks mommy! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful family! Not to mention my mother in law sent me a few shirts with some really cute home decor! Oh and a few halloween things for Gracelyn! Thanks Debbie for being so sweet!! I couldn't ask for a better mother in law! Thanks again Tyler, Mom, Debbie, Kevin (for the chocolates and cooking utensils) and everyone who called and wished me a happy birthday!

THURSDAY~ On thursday we were able to go to the doctor and get an Ultra sound of the baby.... We decided to find out what we were having this time just to mix it up a little from my last pregnancy! And as far as the doctor could tell we have a healthy Baby BOY!! Tyler started pumping his arms and laughing! And saying things like "Oh man the pressures off" and "Wahoo were having a boy"!! We were so excited it will be fun to have one of each now! I would love to put a picture up of the ultrasound but the doctor didn't give a CD of the ultrasound pictures ( you have to buy a package and it costs like 300$) So we decided to pass!
FRIDAY~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We decided to have a little get together at our casa.. We made home made chili, cinnamon, rolls, carmel apples, and let the kids go wild together! After the kids ran them self silly we layed them down and we played cards and stayed up late talking! We all got so tired that we just had DJ, Meg, Trey, and Pace have a little sleep over! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the good company guys and spending the night! We had a blast!
SATURDAY~ We spent the morning just laying around, and recovering from the night before! We went over to Spencer and Carly's for the afternoon and Tyler made one of his favorites Pulled Pork... While it was cooking we went to the mall and just wondered around and people watched a bit.. oh and went in the "Coach" store and dreamed of the purses and bags that we think we will have when we are Rich!! (were gonna be rich right honey??). After grace went up and down the escalator about ten times and threw a tantrum because we wouldn't let her hold this strangers dog we decided it was time to go!! We spent the rest of the night eating, talking, playing cards, and just relaxing. It got late so spencer and Car let us stay the night.... we had some Yummy french toast the next morning! Thanks spencer! and Then headed home to take naps!

It was a great week.. It was packed with a lot of fun and some great memories!