Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our life lately

So we've been pretty busy lately but here's the breakdown
of what we've been up to since our last post. We are both
anxiously counting down til our little guy gets here. We are
so busy with Grace and life this pregnancy has been flying
by. Grace and I usally go the park a couple days a week while
Ty is at work. He is working 7-3 now so sometimes we wait
for him to get home. On saturday's we usually go the park and
watch Ty play flag football. Him, his brother, and a couple
buddies he grew up with play in a 4 0n 4 league. Their team
is in first place right now with 3 or 4 games to go. It's so
beatiful this time of year. I totally see why so many people
move here, we are loving it. We'll try and keep you updated
on the baby and the latest developments. Since everyone
asks, we have a couple favorite names, we probably won't
decide until we see him but you'll have to wait and see what
we go with. Oh and I have an induction date of March 26th!


Christine said...

Yay we can't wait to meet him:)

Grace is going to be such a big sister and big helper for you! She is growing up so fast!! Time has surely flown.

We are gonna have to join you at the park one of these days. Hopefully Luke will be walking soon, so it will be more fun:)

Janice said...

She is getting so big! I can't believe you're almost done! Wish I was at that point! Can't wait to see pictures of the cutie patootie! Good luck with everything. Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy.

Ryan, Bailey and Sawyer said...

grace is so beautiful.. and getting so big! hope your last month of pregnancy goes well!

Jason and Emily said...

how cute! everyone else has said this so i guess i still will....she's getting so big! ha she's so cute...can't wait to see what the new one looks like! take care!

Loreli Caldwell said...

YAY you finally updated! I was so happy! Well I love little Grace, she is so beautiful. And funny. So anyway I love you and I miss you guys.

Mace...Brooke...Kenidee said...

Ash, Grace is adorable. I love how blonde/white her hair is! I hope work is going good for you! I wish it was even half as warm here as it is there.

Colt 'n Tami said...

WAHOOOOO for your lil man! How excitinig... ok Grace is a BABE!!!!
Glad to see you're living it up in sunny AZ! (i'm so jelious of the warm weather! )

Life of the LOW's said...

Ash! I'm so excited to see your handsome little man! What are you guys going to name him? I can't believe you're a mommy of almost two! How are you doing?

Heather said...

I can't believe how big Gracie has gotten! I still remember holding her in Utopia General and Betty having a fit that there was a baby in there while we watched videos that I am sure were really important.

Are you still working occasionally?

Barbara said...

I love looking at your blog, it's fun to see what your family is up to. We miss scottsdale and all of our friends we have there. Good luck with everything! if you want to check out our blog it is

dustyperle said...

I can't wait for your little guy to get here either. I hope he has some rockin read hair!!! Lets get together soon.