Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Funny little girl!

I either hate swings or I'm pooping. You decide!

Gracie's first watermelon, no she didn't eat the
whole thing.

Grace love's the movie Over the Hedge. One
morning she layed there on here makeshift bed
that dad made for her and watched about 30
minutes without moving.

First, we did not put her in the kennel, she crawls
in there all the time. She loves it. We just opened
top so she could pop her head out and Ralph did
the same thing.


JaniceandCole said...

So funny! I choose that she's pooping! Your dog is cute.

The Meis' Family said...

She is so funny!! WOW 30 minutes huh? That is lucky. This week we are going to the temple to sort things out. Hopefully we will come to a decision.