Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back Together for Good

For some reason Gracie kept trying to put Ashley's
tank top over her head but couldn't quite get it on.
So I helped her out and she ran around all night
in this little number. It was quite hilarious.

This is Ralphie with his new hair cut. We decided
to give him a Schnauzer type cut for the hot summer.


Christine said...

Okay, I'm totally coming over tonight and catching up... I have enrichment though... want to come? Otherwise I can come over after:)

JaniceandCole said...

Ash! I'm so happy you're back with your hubby! I hated living apart from Cole for that semester, I don't know how you did it for that long. Love the pic of Grace packed in the car, so cute! Her hair is getting even more blonde, I love it! Will you guys ever visit Utah? If you do, I want to get together okay. Keep me updated on things. :o)

Kristy & Brett said...

Yay for being back together for good!!! Gracelyn is seriously too dang cute:) I miss her tons already. Ash, I'm cuttin' bangs this week, and I still suck at dieting. I don't know if i can lose 10????????? AHHHHHHHH!!!

The Meis' Family said...

I can't believe how light her hair is! She is getting so big, she is adorable.You look really good too, are you losing weight? I wish I could exercise right now. Well Brad is going to give his boss DJ's resume to see if he can get a job there at the college. Tell Ty thanks for telling us about calling him,it was an answer to our prayers. I will give you a call later and tell you what might happen.