Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slackers of the Blog....What we've been up to.

Well once again it's been too long since we've updated our blog so here
it goes.

We had our good friends Adam and Andrea and their little cutie
pie Amelia up for a weekend just before Thanksgiving. We went
to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Anthem Outlets.
They had a concert with Dueling Pianos, Choo Choo Soul (Grace's Favorite)
and a new, amazing singer Savannah Outen. It was a great weekend
with the Jardon's and we can't wait til we have another one.

For Thanksgiving Tyler's whole family came out and spent the week
at our place. Spencer and Carly came up and Grandma Sally even made
the trip with Ty's parents. We had so much fun and of course ate way
too much food. We played lots of games, watched alot of movies and
just enjoyed hanging out with everyone. And we'll excuse Kristy and Brett
since he had business to take care of putting the Utes in their place that

After Thanksgiving we went and found this beauty of a Christmas tree
at a local lot. We brought it home and got it all decorated, kids under 2
provide unbelievably good help puttingup ornaments. It finally brought
the Christmas spirit to our home in snowless Arizona. We also put lights
up on our house and have really enjoyed that. Our neighborhood has
more houses decorated than any neighborhood we've ever lived in. It
must be the warmer weather that gets everyone out and willing to put
lights up. It has really made this season fun driving home at night with
the kids and slowly winding through Anthem looking at all of the lights.

Last we went and had our family Christmas pictures taken so we can
send out our Christmas cards this year. Alli does such an amazing job.
so that's what we've been up to. Next week I head out to Wyoming to
spend two weeks with my family for Christmas. Ty will fly out the
following week to join us. Grace has loved Christmas this year and is
hooked on Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and Santa Clause is coming
to town. It has been so much fun seeing her excitement and we can't
wait til Christmas morning when she gets to see what Santa brought her.


Natalie & Aaron said...

Cute family photos jealous that she is so close to you! Have fun in WY here in NE it is FREEZING!

The Hammer's said...

Your family pictures are so dang cute! Your kids are adorable and you and Ty look great.

The Jardons said...

we had great weekend visiting too! it's about time for our month of January sleepover : ) this time Ashley you better be there!

kp_ideola09 said...

nice blog friend...