Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming Lessons

This was the last day of swimming lessons and it was a blast to watch her get better everyday! It started with all out kicking and screaming and ended like this! I was going to video her the first day but you would just see a whole bunch of torture and screaming! (Not fun).... The second day was worse than the first it included all the screaming plus a nice dose of throw up down the teachers suit! (Sorry Kati) Grace did so good though, Kati (the swim teacher) said that it was pretty normal to hate swimming lessons for the first little while!

For the last few days I was so happy to come and see this! She LOVED it! She was so excited to go underwater.... and dive for the rings! I recommend everyone do this with their kids!

PS- Sorry there is so much video.... Im just a proud momma! :)

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