Monday, April 13, 2009

Toady in Grandpa & Grandmas Gear!!!

Sorry we have been so slow with our blogging but here is a little glimpse of what Toad was up to while " Ma" and "papa" Sharpe were in town! She couldn't get enough of "Ma's" glasses... It was hilarious she walked a little goofy with them on and looked funny too because of the prescription ;) Then it was on to "papa's" helmet... can we say top heavy! She really had to be careful not to fall over and knock her head into everything! She is so full of life and energy.... we are constantly laughing and wondering where she comes up with some of the things she says and does! We love this little one!

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Loreli Caldwell said...

Oh Ash she is so hilarious. I laughed so hard. I miss you and I am excited to see you soon! LoR