Monday, April 21, 2008

June 21, 2006


Colt 'n Tami said...

hello HOTTIES!!!!! rrraar

JaniceandCole said...

Your dress was gorgeous! And your flowers, amazing! I'm jealous of Thanksgiving point! I always wanted my reception and wedding photos to be there! So pretty!

JaniceandCole said...

Happy Graduation on Saturday! Are you so psyched you're done!? Now you get to go to Arizona! :O( Come visit sometime k. I would love to have you over. We could go hiking in Bryce Canyon and Gracie and Cambri could play. she's walking now, so they can chase each other around!

Christine said...

Lovin' the pictures!!!

ummm hellooooo!!!??!@@!#?!@$

Do you know what time it is?????

Suuuuummmmertime and the livins easy!!!!.... in AZ!!!!

YAY!!! Congrats on graduation we CANNOT wait to come see you all:)

Riley & Savannah said...

Hey Ash, I found your blog on Kip's. How are you doing?